Remote relay switch

I am looking to get a water pump to switch on in my garden when another pump switches on. Basically for the second pump to mirror the first pump so they switch on together and switch off together. A small delay is acceptable. The two pumps are about 1100 feet apart so running wire from one to the other would be expensive. Any simple solutions using a transmitter and receiver?
Thanks in advance.


Welcome to the Digi-Key Technical Forum. I would look at the dual timer relays. The parts I am providing on this link can be programmed for the timer and you can set them to repeat . Here is the link:

There are ways to narrow down the link by what you need for the input voltage you are going to use. Though they should work for what you need.

Thanks for the suggestion but the issue is that the first pump is connected to a pressurized water tank and only switches on when needed, ie when the pressure drops below 45psi. The first pump is switched on and off by a pressure switch and so it is not running constantly between set times. So I would like to mimick this switching on and off since my second pump is in sequence to the first pump.

HI ec1n8an,

You could use a LoRa relay, like this one:

Would need an AC relay to trigger the “ON” and “OFF” messages to the receiver, or take the signals from the level switches if are available.

heke, AsamaLab