Capacitance - CD50CNF10PO

Application is water tank level sensing to drive a relay that controls a discharge pump. Switch detects rising water level and turns the pump on just fine, but when water level drops below the switch, the residual “thin film” of moisture on the tank wall holds the switch closed and the discharge pump runs dry. The tank material is plastic. How can we “tune” the switch so that the pump will turn off?

Hello GAF and welcome to the forum,

On this one I’m not sure, the only variable I can think of to change is the distance (10mm for this one) the sensor has to the inside of the tank. The operation of the sensor is set it and forget it. If your mount is screw you may be able to increase the distance it has to sense and dull the sensor response to that residual film of moisture.

While technically plausible - the “solution” described is not viable/practical. I guess we won’t be buying any more of these.