12v marine single throw Alternate Throw switch

Hi I need to have a 12v relay that when activated will switch to an alternate closed position. I only have 2 wires on my sailboat mast. I need to be able to switch from one type of light to a flood light. Any suggestions? Greatly appreciated.

Hello hypermedia.mike, welcome to the Forum Community. Here is a link to stocking options of 12V relays that are waterproof or water resistant for you to take a look at. Click on the link to each part’s Product Detail Page for more details and pricing, as well as a link to the detailed datasheet for each part.

Hi @hypermedia.mike ,

If you are alternating between two lights, you may need a SPDT relay. Click here for 2449-A2F1CSQ12VDC1.6-ND. Please review datasheet before ordering.

Assuming your lights are already grounded, you can run a positive wire to contact 30, and then run each of the two light wires from 87a & 87. Apply 12v to 85 & 86 to alternate the lights. You will need a separate switch if you do not want to have any light on as this only provides alternation between the two.