2090-WO-4209S-01S-ND Stepper Motor Questions

Hi, I have two questions about the stepper motor with part number 2090-WO-4209S-01S-ND.
First, under “Features”, it is stated that this motor has a double shaft. However, the manufacturer part number is given as WO-4209S-01S, whereas the manufacturer’s website states that the part number is WO-4209S-01SD for the double shaft version and WO-4209S-01S for the single shaft version. Can you confirm that 2090-WO-4209S-01S-ND is the double shaft version?
Second, does this motor have mounting holes on the rear side for an encoder? Based on drawings on the manufacturer’s website, there would be two tapped holes spaced 0.750" apart, but my understanding is that those holes are not included in all versions of this motor.
Thank you for your help.


Based on the published part numbering system I would agree with your expectation of this P/N being a single-shaft model. The discrepancy with the information shown in the parametric tables will be noted for correction.

I would not expect the rear of this motor to have tapped holes for encoder mounting, given the lack of a rear shaft.