20KPA80CA for 120 VAC Solenoid Valve

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I have a punch press with a 120 VAC powered solenoid that controls the clutch/brake for the press. Will this device work to connect across the input to eliminate any spikes being generated causing noise on the data communications in the main control panel?

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The TVS diode should suppress the voltage over 130VAC, so it should help.
Hopefully one of the engineers can add to this post, and help with an answer for you.

The 20KPA80CA is completely unsuitable for use on a 120VAC line, and would be expected to turn to shrapnel promptly upon application of power. Something like the TMOV20RP150E would function similarly, while having ratings more in keeping with the intended use.

Whether it would solve an issue with communications interference or not is difficult to say, since we have no knowledge of how rogue signals are getting coupled into the affected system.