22" 3M Touch Screen SCT3250

Hi, I would like to get some advise from any expert here before getting the new replacement unit.

What is the different between 2 models below?
SCT3250EX-21.8"-EX112 (P/N 98-0003-3489-0 ND) W
SCT3250EX-21.8"-EX111 (P/N 98-0003-3490-8 ND) RW

I am looking for a complete set of touch screen / overlay with controller & cable to replace my old unit, SCT3250 Ref#17-9311-227 / 98-0003-2734-0. Please confirm if I am having the correct parts number below.

Touch Screen

  • SCT3250EX (P/N 98-0003-3489-0 or 98-0003-3490-8)

EXII-7720SC Controller RS-232 (P/N 3M5540 ND)


  • 7310101 Cable with Serial RS232 (P/N 3M5551 ND)
  • 7315050 Cable USB Type-A to 2mm Conn 23" (P/N 3M5554 ND)


In regards to the difference between the two touchscreens, the -0 suffix calls out a serial interface and the -8 suffix calls out a USB-R interface.

You can find the information on the series drawing.

Hi, thank you for your information and it’s help.