Help finding correct Ribbon cable for LCD

Hello I have a Control4 T3 touch screen, I have recently replaced the LCD and digitizer.

The problem is the LCD did not come with the ribbon cable and I don’t have the old one. I have no clue what to buy. Any assistance would be much appreciated, I have attached some photos for reference

Here is the LCD I purchased.

New 7 Inch Replacement LCD Display Screen For Control4 T3 C4-TT7-WH C4-TT7-BL

In case it was not clear in the first photo, the connection is between the arrows.

Hello b.macleod,

We do not carry Flat Flex adapter cables like this.
You will have to determine the number of contacts for each connector, and the pitch (center to center pin spacing) for each connector. With that information, it will help to search for a possible match.
Sorry we didn’t have anything to offer to attach these together.

Thanks for your answer, does it help if the board says CN1 31 on the small one. On the larger one I count 30 pins, on the smaller one I count 31. Does that sound correct?