Seeking adhesive (?) flat flex cable

Hi. I’m trying to revive a kitchen scale that is having LCD problems caused by the cable. I think these cables likely come from the factory connected to the LCD glass, yes?

Is there such a thing as an adhesive flat flex cable that I could try to use to replace? I tried to search but couldn’t find any kind of adhesive criteria.

As pictured, the full cable is about 40mm wide, it has 19 positions, and the pitch seems to be about 2mm (or maybe slightly less). The cable is about 28mm long.

I’m not spending too much time/stress/cost to revive this, but it’d be nice versus sending it to e-waste. Please let me know if you have any thoughts, thanks!

Hi Zach,

I am not finding anything that would match this cable. We do not have anything that I found with adhesive. I am sorry. I just do not see this product on our website.

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Okay, thanks for checking.