Matching FFC connector for bare LCD panel from Displaytech

Hi there. My first post - I hope this is in the right area.

Can anyone tell me the recommended part to use for connecting to the Displaytech DT070DTFT-IPS, which is itself Digikey part number 1756-DT070DTFT-IPS-ND ?

I did look in the data sheet but didn’t see anything. I tried the manufacturer website … but gave up all hope.
Looking on Digikey there are lots of connectors that look promising, but I haven’t used these types of connectors before and want to avoid getting caught out on some details I’m unfamiliar with.



Welcome to the TechForum Martin.
I see on the datasheet for this display, the Flat Flex Cable is 40 position, with a contact spacing (pitch) of 0.5mm. It also shows the thickness as 0.3mm, and it looks like a straight style cable. Click here for possible matches. All these match these requirements, so any of these should work.
The Technical Reference Number for this information is T4293631.

Great! Thanks David. I am going to give the part Amphenol ICC 10042867-40MB10ELF, Digikey #609-10042867-40MB10ELFCT-ND a try from the list. It has gold connectors which looks to match those on the cable of the LCD.