27V Zener Diode help


I have an automotive ECM from a 2005 dodge diesel with a manual transmission.

The 27V Zener diode failed resulting in a short in the ecm. I need help finding a replacment zener diode. I searched all the 27v zener diodes on here but they dont like exact.

It says 27c 0510. From my searching online it appears the correct part number may be U5ZA27C. I read the data sheet for U5ZA27C and it said it is a 27v zener diode at 5w. I couldnt find a similar looking one for my application on digikey.

If someone knows what zener diode from digikey would work for my application or if I have to look elsewhere it would be appreciated!

Hello Ben,

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I see that we have some similars with 27V at 5W that are surface mount in link here.

Some of those are automotive grade such as 1PGSMC5361H.

Unfortunately I don’t see that we carry the U5ZA27C.

I found the data sheet on it in link below:
U5ZA27C pdf, U5ZA27C Description, U5ZA27C Datasheet, U5ZA27C view ::: ALLDATASHEET :::

The ones in the first link I offered look to have the nearly the same specs but it seems we don’t have them in that same package case as U5ZA27C.

Thank you for your reply. Would SZ-10N27VL work for my application. I can’t tell if that’s a zener or tvs.


Hi again Ben,

I do see that in the data sheet for this diode it is designated as transient voltage suppresser but they also say the SZ-10N series are power Zener diodes designed for the protection of automotive electronic units, especially from the surge generated during load dump conditions and voltage transients induced by inductive loads. The package of the IC has high dissipation and high surge capability.

So it seems that they are meant for your application based on the data sheet description.

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Yep, the SZ-10N27VL is right on.

Essentially, a TVS is just a zener diode designed for handling high power surge applications. Because of this, some companies, such as Toshiba, just refer to them as zener diodes and then specify that they are designed for surge applications rather than just calling them TVS’s.

Right on,

Thank you for the assistance! I ordered some and they’re on route.

Much appreciated.

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Any luck Ben?

Need same part @ben.cameron

I’m away at work so I am patiently waiting to install it in my ecm, but as mentioned above it appears SZ-10N27VL is a suitable replacement for U5ZA27C. If you compare data sheets it should work. I’m new to installing electrical components but I found the data sheet had useful information regarding preheating/heating and or soldering it.

SZ-10N27VL came very quick in the mail once ordered.

The preheating/heating specs are only applicable to reflow oven soldering, and they are basically only suitable for soldering an entire PCB worth of parts all at once. Using it for repair will double the heat exposure on all the parts already soldered to the PCB.

So unless you bought a reflow oven for this job, I recommend you just use the hand soldering instruction.

Soldering iron: 350 °C / 3.5 s, 1 time

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I have a hot air rework station where the hot air could be focused on a small area. Are those specifications applicable for that?

I don’t know for sure because I don’t use those, but since their mechanism of heating has little relationship to an oven environment, I suspect not.

Check the instruction manual for your hot air rework gear and see what it says about the issue.

To prevent circuit board delamination and protect parts in the immediate vicinity during hot air rework I like to use Polyimide Tape (Kapton) to insulate the things I don’t want hot.

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