Please help me identify a MOV alternative

If it is possible, please tell me how to check the model number of this MOV and the page to buy a replacement
please thank you

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Hello TalkBzero,

Regarding a replacement for this MOV. Markings indicate a 10mm with 220V rating.

Please consider part number 495-1429-ND

Let me know if you have any further questions.
Best regards,

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Found the data sheet for the original component.

It is 12.5mm maximum giving it a higher Joule rating than 495-1429-ND.

This part has the same Joule rating and is 11.5mm:


Thank you very much for your help

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May I ask if the following parts can replace him?


The main difference that may be an issue is the surge current value
Original 3.5kA
The one you list 2.5kA