3 Phase Line Filter FN258-75-34 Schaffner EMC Inc

Is it possible for power flow to go in both directions through this filter? We have a Bidirectional powersupply which is discharging batteries and want to protect the unit against grid based or other equipment harmonics but it also puts power to the grid through the same 3 phases so going against the flow of the filter so to speak?
Thanks in advance.

Hello alan.colledge, welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
It may be possible, but the top of these specifies which connection is for the Line (input), and the Load (output). It is best to hook these up the way they are intended.
Maybe one of the engineers can add to this post, to get their opinion of this.

Thanks for the quick response David. There is only one set of 3 phase lines going into and out of our power supply so we can’t split the grid incoming and battery discharge out going unfortunately. The unit is rated to 30kWh so could be pushing this much through ‘the wrong way’. Is it simply a case that power flow from Load to Line is jut not protected? If so that’s not so much of a problem as its the incoming we would like to protect our power supply against.

The typical schematic for the device given on page 1 of the datasheet indicates that the device is asymmetric in its construction with respect to the line and load sides. One could therefore expect the resulting filter behaviors to differ depending on orientation during test, however there is nothing indicated which would prevent bidirectional power transfer.

For what it’s worth, I’d suggest that ensuring adequate over-voltage protection is of greater significance to equipment protection than noise filtering.