3M FP-301 series Tubing in Assorted Colors Part Numbering

When looking at the FP-301 series Heat Shrink Tubing in assorted colors from 3M, you may end up confused over these part numbers’ different suffixes, such as FP301-1/8-6"-ASSORTED-10-28 PC -PKS. The datasheet does not call out this information.

First, it is best to pay attention to our Digi-Key description, rather than the manufacturer part number only. The meaning of the various suffixes in FP301-1/8-6"-ASSORTED-10-28 PC -PKS are as below:

  • 1/8 = all of the pieces are 1/8” diameter
  • 6” = all of the pieces are 6” long
  • 10 = there are 10 packets per case … this is what Digi-Key buys from 3M directly, and we sell them per pack.
  • 28 = there are 28 pieces per pack (4 each of 7 different colors = 28). Colors are Black, Blue, Clear, Green, Red, White, Yellow

Therefore, if you order 1 piece of FP301-1/8-6"-ASSORTED-10-28 PC -PKS on our Digi-Key website, you’ll get a pack of 28 pieces all cut to 6”, all at 1/8” diameter.


Applicable Part Numbers

FP301-1/2-6""-ASSORTED-10-14 PC PKS
FP301-1/4-6""-ASSORTED-10-21 PC PKS
FP301-1/8-6""-ASSORTED-10-28 PC PKS
FP301-3/16-6""-ASSORTED-10-21 PC PKS
FP301-3/32-6""-ASSORTED-10-35 PC PKS
FP301-3/8-6""-ASSORTED-10-14 PC PKS


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