Alpha Wire Heat Shrink Part Numbering / Put-Up Reference

When looking at heat shrink from Alpha Wire the part number is broken down to identify Series, Diameter, color, and manufacturer packaging.

When looking at Part Number F221V3/8 BK103 it will breakdown as follows.

  • F221v is calling out the FIT-221V Series
  • 3/8 is calling out a 3/8" or .375" Inner Diameter Supplied.
  • BK is calling out a Color of Black
  • The 103 Suffix on the end is calling out a Put-Up reference. This is an indication of packaging and quantity the heat shrink is shipped from the manufacturer to Digi-Key in. 103 for example means this is shipped in a quantity of 25 individual 4ft pieces.
    • Note: This may or may-not be the same as the package Digi-Key sells the product In. For example the part F221V3/8 BK103 Digi-Key sells this part individually(1 4ft piece).

Click on the appropriate arrow for the Alpha Wire put up code specifications.

Put-Up 001-070

Put-Up 071-991


Applicable Alpha Wire Part Numbers

F221B1/16 BK100 F221B3/32 BK100 F221B1/8 BK100 F221B3/16 BK100 F221B1/4 BK100 F221B3/8 BK100 F221B1/2 BK210 F221B3/4 BK207 F221B1/8 BK206 F221B3/16 BK204 F221B3/64 BK100 F221B3/64 CL100 F221B1/8 CL100 F221B3/16 CL100 F221B3/8 CL100 F2211/4 RD103 F2211/4 BK103 F2211/4 BL103 F221B1/2 CL210 F2213/8 CL103 F221V3/8 BK103 F2211/2 BK105 F221B3/4 CL207 F221B1IN BK209 F221B1IN CL209 F3211/8 BK103 F3001/2 BK105 F3211/4 BK103 F3211/2 BK105 F2211/8 BK161 F221V1/4 BK103 F2213/8 RD103 F2213/8 GR103 F2211/2 WH105 F2211/2 RD105 F2211/2 CL105 F2211/2 GR105 F2211/2 BL105 F2211/2 YL105 F3211/8 BK062 F2213/4 BK105 F2213/4 CL105 F2213/4 BL105 F2213/4 RD105 F3211/4 BK064 F2211IN CL105 F2211IN BK105 F2211IN RD105 F221V1IN BK105 F1053/8 BK008 F221B3/8 BK202 F221B1/4 BK203 F221B1/16 BK205 F2211/16 BK060 F2213/32 BK061 F2211/8 BK062 F221B1/16 CL100 F221B3/32 CL100 F2213/64 CL103 F2211/16 RD103 F2211/16 BK103 F2213/32 BK103 F2211/8 WH103 F2211/8 BL103 F2211/8 BK103 F2211/8 RD103 F2213/16 BK103 F221B1/4 CL100 F22111/2 CL070 F1051/8 BK008 F2211/16 BK005 F2211/8 BK005 F2213/16 BK005 F221B1/2 BK201 F2211/4 BK005 F221B3/32 BK206 F221B1/8 CL206 F2213/4 BK003 F221B3/64 BK205 F221L3/16 BK004 F2213/16 BL103 F2213/8 BK103 F221B1/2 CL201 F221B3/8 CL202 F221B1/4 CL203 F221B3/32 CL206 F2211/8 BK002 F221B3/16 CL204 F221B1/16 CL205 F2211IN BK003 F221L3/32 BK002 F221L1/2 BK004 F221L1/8 BK002 F221L3/4 BK004 F221L3/64 BK001 F221L1/16 BK001 F221L1IN BK004 F2213/64 BK059 F221V3/64 BK059 F221V1/16 BK060 F221V3/32 BK061 F2211/8 CL062 F221V1/8 BK062 F2213/16 BK063 F221V3/16 BK063 F2211/4 BK064 F221V1/8 BK100 F2213/64 BK103 F2213/64 YL103 F2213/64 GR103 F2211/16 CL103 F2213/8 BK065 F2213/8 CL065 F2211/16 BL103 F221V3/64 BK103 F221V3/8 BK065 F221V1/16 BK103 F3503/32 CL063 F2213/32 YL103 F2211/2 BK066 F2213/32 BL103 F2213/32 CL103 F2213/32 RD103 F221V3/32 BK103 F2211/8 GR103 F221V1/8 BK103 F221V1/8 RD103 F221V1/8 GR103 F2213/4 BK067 F3501/8 CL064 F2213/16 CL103 F2213/16 YL103 F2213/16 GR103 F221V3/16 BK103 F3001/8 BK066 F3503/16 CL065 F2211/4 CL103 F2211/4 WH103 F221V1IN BK069 F3001/4 BK068 F2213/4 GR105 F2213/4 YL105 F2213/4 WH105 F221V3/4 BK105 F2951/16 CL103 F3001/2 BK056 F221V1IN RD105 F3211/2 BK066 F2953/64 BK103 F2953/16 BK103 F3503/64 CL103 F50022 NA112 F3503/32 CL103 F50018 NA112 F50016 NA112 F50014 NA112 F50026 NA112 F50012 NA113 F3211 BK069 F22111/2 BK105 F40018 NA103 F40016 NA103 F7501/4 BK103 F40014 NA103 F40012 NA103 F2212IN BK105 F2212IN WH105 F3001/4 BK103 F3003/8 BK103 F2212IN BK072 F1051/16 BK008 F70023 BK132 F1053/32 BK008 F4006 NA103 F7503/4 BK105 F70024 BK132 F3501/4 CL067 F2213IN BK107 F3501/2 CL105 F2211/4 RD020 F2211/8 BK019 F2213/16 WH007 F2211/4 BK020 F1051/4 BK008 F7501IN BK105 F62111/4 BK072 F62121/2 BK072 F1051/2 BK008 F6212 BK068 F2211/16 CL005 F2213/8 BK007 F2213/8 CL007 F2211/2 BK007 F2211/2 CL007 F2213/32 BK005 F75011/2 BK105 F2211/8 CL005 F1053/4 BK008 F4211IN BK105 F1053/64 BK005 F1051/16 BK005 F1053/32 BK005 F1051IN BK008 F2211/2 CL016 F2211/2 RD016 F2211/2 WH016 F4212IN BK105 F221V1/2 BK016 F1053/16 BK005 F2213/8 BK004 F2213/8 CL004 F4213IN BK107 F2211/4 CL003 F2211/4 BK003 F2211/4 RD003 F2211/4 WH003 F321V1/2 BK016 F221V1/4 BK003 F1051/4 BK005 F321V3/8 BK004 F2213/32 BK002 F2213/32 CL002 F321V1/4 BK003 F221V1/8 BK002 F221V3/4 BK003 FCLR1/16 CL005 F2213/16 BK002 F2213/16 CL002 F2213/16 WH002 F321V1/8 BK002 F2213/64 BK001 F2211/16 BK001 F2211/16 CL001 F22111/2 BK015 F321V3/4 BK003 F221V1/16 BK001 F2212IN BK015 FFLEX3 SL008 F1051/8 BK001 F2601/4 GY003 F1051/4 BK001 FFLEX6 SL008 F1053/8 BK005 F221L3/8 BK004 FFLEX5 SL008 F221L1/4 BK004 F221V1/4 BK064 F3501/16 CL062 F2213/64 WH103 F2211IN BK069 F2213IN BK073 F40022 NA103 F7503/8 BK103 F70021 BK132 F70022 BK132 F7501/2 BK105 F3501/4 CL103 F22111/2 BK070 F221V3/4 BK067 F1053/64 BK008 F1053/16 BK008 F2213/16 BK007 F6215/8 BK072 F2213/4 BK007 F1051/8 BK005 F2211/2 BK016 F2213/16 GR063 F2213/16 RD063 F221B3/64 BK205 F221B1/16 BK205 F221B1/16 CL205 F221B3/32 CL206 F221B3/32 BK206 F221B1/8 BK206 F221B1/8 CL206 F221B3/64 BK205 F221B3/16 CL204 F221B3/16 BK204 F221B1/16 BK205 F221B1/16 CL205 F221B3/32 BK206 F221B3/32 CL206 F221B1/8 BK206 F221B1/8 CL206 F221B1/4 BK203 F221B1/4 CL203 F221B3/64 BK205 F221B1/16 BK205 F221B1/16 CL205 F221B3/8 BK202 F221B3/8 CL202 F221B3/16 BK204 F221B3/16 CL204 F221B3/32 BK206 F221B3/32 CL206 F221B1/2 BK201 F221B1/2 CL201 F221B1/8 BK206 F221B1/8 CL206 F221B1/4 BK203 F221B1/4 CL203 F221B3/64 BK205 F221B3/16 BK204 F221B3/16 CL204 F221B1/16 BK205 F221B1/16 CL205 F221B3/8 BK202 F221B3/8 CL202 F221B3/32 BK206 F221B3/32 CL206 F221B1/2 BK201 F221B1/2 CL201 F221B1/8 BK206 F221B1/8 CL206 F221B1/4 BK203 F221B1/4 CL203 F2213/4 BK003 F221B3/64 BK205 F221B1/16 BK205 F221B1/16 CL205 F221B3/8 BK202 F221B3/8 CL202 F221B3/16 BK204 F221B3/16 CL204 F221B3/32 BK206 F221B3/32 CL206 F221B1/2 BK201 F221B1/2 CL201 F221B1/8 BK206 F221B1/8 CL206 F2211IN BK003 F2213/4 BK003 F221B1/4 BK203 F221B1/4 CL203 F221B3/64 BK205 F221L3/64 BK001 F221B3/16 BK204 F221B3/16 CL204 F221B1/16 BK205 F221B1/16 CL205 F221B3/8 BK202 F221B3/8 CL202 F221L1/16 BK001 F221L3/32 BK002 F221B3/32 BK206 F221B3/32 CL206 F221B1/2 BK201 F221B1/2 CL201 F221B1/8 BK206 F221B1/8 CL206 F221B1/4 BK203 F221B1/4 CL203 F2213/4 BK003 F221B3/64 BK205 SPCM110 BK194 F2211IN BK003 F221L1/8 BK002 SPCM800 NC194 F221B1/16 BK205 F221B1/16 CL205 F221B3/8 BK202 F221B3/8 CL202 SPCM400 NC194 F221B3/16 BK204 F221B3/16 CL204 F221B3/32 BK206 F221B3/32 CL206 F221B1/2 BK201 F221B1/2 CL201 F221B1/8 BK206 F221B1/8 CL206 F2211IN BK003 F221B1/4 BK203 F221B1/4 CL203 F2213/4 BK003 F221B3/64 BK205 F221B3/16 BK204 F221B3/16 CL204 F221B1/16 BK205 F221B1/16 CL205 F221B3/8 BK202 F221B3/8 CL202 F221B3/32 BK206 F221B3/32 CL206 F221L3/64 BK001 F221L3/16 BK004 F221B1/2 BK201 F221B1/2 CL201 F221L1/16 BK001 F221B1/8 BK206 F221B1/8 CL206 SPC80048 NC194 F2213/4 BK003 F221B1/4 BK203 F221B1/4 CL203 F221L1/4 BK004 F221L3/32 BK002 F2211IN BK003 SPC400 NC194 F221B3/8 BK202 F221B3/8 CL202 F221L1/8 BK002 SPCM800 NC196 SPC110 NC194 F221B3/16 BK204 F221B3/16 CL204 F221L3/8 BK004 SPCM400 NC196 F221B1/2 BK201 F221B1/2 CL201 SPCM110 BK196 F221L1/2 BK004 F2211IN BK003 SPCM130 BK196 F2213/4 BK003 F221B1/4 BK203 F221B1/4 CL203 SPCM150 NC196 F221B3/8 BK202 F221B3/8 CL202 F221L3/16 BK004 F221B1/2 BK201 F221B1/2 CL201 SPC80048 NC196 F2213/4 BK003 F221L1/4 BK004 F2211IN BK003 SPCM170 NC196 F221L3/4 BK004 SPC400 NC196 F221L3/64 BK001 F221L3/8 BK004 SPC110 NC196 F221L1/16 BK001 F221V1/2 BK105 F221V1/2 BL105 F221V1/2 GR105 F221V1/2 RD105 F221V1/2 WH105 F221V1/2 YL105 F221L3/32 BK002 F221L1/2 BK004 F221L1/8 BK002 F2211IN BK003 F2213/4 BK003 F221L1IN BK004 SPC150 NC196 F2211/16 BL060 F2211/16 CL060 F2211/16 GR060 F2211/16 RD060 F2211/16 WH060 F2211/16 YL060 F2211/2 BL066 F2211/2 CL066 F2211/2 GR066 F2211/2 RD066 F2211/2 WH066 F2211/2 YL066 F2211/4 BL064 F2211/4 CL064 F2211/4 GR064 F2211/4 RD064 F2211/4 WH064 F2211/4 YL064 F2211/8 BL062 F2211/8 GR062 F2211/8 RD062 F2211/8 WH062 F2211/8 YL062 F2211IN BL069 F2211IN CL069 F2211IN GR069 F2211IN RD069 F2211IN WH069 F2211IN YL069 F2212IN CL072 F2213/16 BL063 F2213/16 CL063 F2213/16 WH063 F2213/16 YL063 F2213/32 BL061 F2213/32 CL061 F2213/32 GR061 F2213/32 RD061 F2213/32 WH061 F2213/32 YL061 F2213/4 BL067 F2213/4 CL067 F2213/4 GR067 F2213/4 RD067 F2213/4 WH067 F2213/4 YL067 F2213/64 BL059 F2213/64 CL059 F2213/64 GR059 F2213/64 RD059 F2213/64 WH059 F2213/64 YL059 F2213/8 BL065 F2213/8 GR065 F2213/8 RD065 F2213/8 WH065 F2213/8 YL065 F2213IN CL073 F221V3/4 BL105 F221V3/4 GR105 F221V3/4 RD105 F221V3/4 WH105 F221V3/4 YL105 F221V1/2 BK066 F221V11/2 BK070 F221V2IN BK072 SPCM200 NC196 F221L3/4 BK004 F221L3/64 BK001 F2211IN BK003 F221L3/16 BK004 F221L1/16 BK001 F221L3/32 BK002 F221L1/4 BK004 F2211IN BL105 F2211IN GR105 F2211IN WH105 F2211IN YL105 F221V1IN BL105 F221V1IN GR105 F221V1IN WH105 F221V1IN YL105 F3001/2 BL056 F3001/4 WH068 F3001/8 BR066 F3003/10 BK071 F3003/16 BK067 F3003/16 SL067 F3003/4 BK071 F3003/4 YL071 F3003/8 BK069 F3003/8 RD069 F221L1/8 BK002 F2953/16 CL063 F2951/8 CL062 F2951/16 BK060 F2951/16 CL060 F2951/2 BK066 F2951/2 CL066 F2951/4 BK064 F2951/4 CL064 F2951/8 BK062 F2953/16 BK063 F2953/32 BK061 F2953/32 CL061 F2953/8 BK065 F2953/8 CL065 SPCM800 NC180 F221L3/8 BK004 F2213/64 BL103 F2213/64 RD103 SPCM400 NC180 F2211/16 GR103 F2211/16 WH103 F2211/16 YL103 SPCM110 BK180 F221L1IN BK004 F221V3/64 BL103 F221V3/64 GR103 F221V3/64 RD103 F221V3/64 WH103 F221V3/64 YL103 F221V1/16 BL103 F221V1/16 GR103 F221V1/16 RD103 F221V1/16 WH103 F221V1/16 YL103 SPCM130 BK180 F3501/2 CL071 F3501IN CL074 F3503/4 CL073 F3503/64 CL061 F3503/8 CL069 F221L1/2 BK004 F2213/32 GR103 F2213/32 WH103 F221V3/32 RD103 F221V3/32 WH103 F221V3/32 YL103 F2211/8 CL103 F2211/8 YL103 SPCM150 NC180 F221V1/8 BL103 F221V1/8 WH103 F221V1/8 YL103 F221L3/64 BK001 F2213/4 BL026 F2211/16 BK017 F2211/16 BL017 F2211/16 CL017 F2211/16 GR017 F2211/16 RD017 F2211/16 WH017 F2211/16 YL017 F2211/2 BK025 F2211/2 BL025 F2211/2 CL025 F2211/2 GR025 F2211/2 RD025 F2211/2 WH025 F2211/2 YL025 F2211/4 BL020 F2211/4 CL020 F2211/4 GR020 F2211/4 WH020 F2211/4 YL020 F2211/8 BL019 F2211/8 CL019 F2211/8 GR019 F2211/8 RD019 F2211/8 WH019 F2211/8 YL019 F2211IN BK028 F2211IN BL028 F2211IN CL028 F2211IN GR028 F2211IN RD028 F2211IN WH028 F2211IN YL028 F2213/16 BL007 F2213/16 CL007 F2213/16 GR007 F2213/16 RD007 F2213/16 YL007 F2213/32 BK018 F2213/32 BL018 F2213/32 CL018 F2213/32 GR018 F2213/32 RD018 F2213/32 WH018 F2213/32 YL018 F2213/4 BK026 F2213/4 CL026 F2213/4 GR026 F2213/4 RD026 F2213/4 WH026 F2213/4 YL026 F2213/8 BK024 F2213/8 BL024 F2213/8 CL024 F2213/8 GR024 F2213/8 RD024 F2213/8 WH024 F2213/8 YL024 F221L3/16 BK004 F221L1/16 BK001 SPC300 NC196 F221L3/32 BK002 F221L1/4 BK004 F2953/64 BK059 F2953/64 CL059 F2213/16 RD103 F2213/16 WH103 F221L3/4 BK004 F221V3/16 BL103 F221V3/16 GR103 F221V3/16 RD103 F221V3/16 WH103 F221V3/16 YL103 SPCM170 NC180 F221L1/8 BK002 SPC80048 NC180 F221L3/8 BK004 SPC110 NC180 SPC400 NC180 F2951/2 BK105 F2951/2 CL105 F2211/4 GR103 F2211/4 YL103 F221L1/2 BK004 F22111/2 BL105 F22111/2 CL105 F22111/2 GR105 F22111/2 RD105 F22111/2 WH105 F22111/2 YL105 F221V1/4 BL103 F221V1/4 GR103 F221V1/4 RD103 F221V1/4 WH103 F221V1/4 YL103 F2213/32 CL005 F221V11/2 BK105 F221V11/2 BL105 F221V11/2 GR105 F221V11/2 RD105 F221V11/2 WH105 F221V11/2 YL105 F2213/8 BL103 F2213/8 WH103 F2213/8 YL103 F221V3/8 BL103 F221V3/8 GR103 F221V3/8 RD103 F221V3/8 WH103 F221V3/8 YL103 F221L1IN BK004 F2213/64 BK161 F2211/16 BK161 F2211/16 CL161 SPC150 NC180 F2213IN CL107 SPCM200 NC180 F2213/16 CL005 F221L3/16 BK004 F2213/4 CL007 F2213/32 BK161 F2212IN BL105 F2212IN CL105 F2212IN GR105 F2212IN RD105 F2212IN YL105 F2213/64 BK147 F221V2IN BK105 F221V2IN BL105 F221V2IN GR105 F221V2IN RD105 F221V2IN WH105 F221L1/4 BK004 F2211/16 BK147 F32111/2 BK070 F221L3/4 BK004 F2211/2 BL016 F2211/2 GR016 F2211/2 YL016 F2211/4 CL005 SPC200 NC180 F221L3/64 BK001 F221L3/8 BK004 SPCM300 NC180 F221V1/2 BL016 F221V1/2 GR016 F221V1/2 RD016 F221V1/2 WH016 F221V1/2 YL016 F2213/32 BK147 F221L1/16 BK001 F2213/16 BK161 F2214IN BK107 F2214IN CL107 F221L3/32 BK002 F2211/8 BK147 F3001/2 BL105 F221L1/2 BK004 F2951/16 BK103 F2213/8 BL004 F2213/8 GR004 F2213/8 RD004 F2213/8 WH004 F2213/8 YL004 F2211IN BK007 F2211IN CL007 F221V3/8 BK004 F221V3/8 BL004 F221V3/8 GR004 F221V3/8 RD004 F221V3/8 WH004 F221V3/8 YL004 F221L1/8 BK002 F2211/4 BL003 F2211/4 GR003 F2211/4 YL003 F321V1/2 WH016 ST3021/8 BK103 F221L1IN BK004 ST3033/4 BK105 F2953/32 BK103 F2953/32 CL103 F2211/4 BK161 F2213/16 BK147 F221V1/4 BL003 F221V1/4 GR003 F221V1/4 RD003 F221V1/4 WH003 F221V1/4 YL003 F2951/8 BK103 F2951/8 CL103 ST3001IN BK105 F2213/8 BK161 F221V1/2 BK201 F321V3/8 WH004 F6212 BK072 ST3023/16 BK103 F2213/32 BL002 F2213/32 GR002 F2213/32 RD002 F2213/32 WH002 F2213/32 YL002 SPC300 NC180 F221L3/4 BK004 F221B1/2 BL201 F2211/4 BK147 F221V3/32 BK002 F221V3/32 BL002 F221V3/32 GR002 F221V3/32 RD002 F221V3/32 WH002 F221V3/32 YL002 F2953/64 CL103 F2211/8 BL002 F2211/8 CL002 F2211/8 GR002 F2211/8 RD002 F2211/8 WH002 F2211/8 YL002 F2953/16 CL103 F3003/4 BK105 F3003/4 YL105 F221L3/64 BK001 F6001/4 BK008 F321V1/4 WH003 F221V1/8 BL002 F221V1/8 GR002 F221V1/8 RD002 F221V1/8 WH002 F221V1/8 YL002 F221V3/8 BK202 F10511/2 BK008 F2951/4 BK103 F2951/4 CL103 F221V3/16 BK002 F221V3/16 BL002 F221V3/16 GR002 F221V3/16 RD002 F221V3/16 WH002 F221V3/16 YL002 FCLR3/64 CL005 F221L1/16 BK001 F1051/2 BK005 F2213/8 BK147 F2213/4 BL003 F2213/4 CL003 F2213/4 GR003 F2213/4 RD003 F2213/4 WH003 F2213/4 YL003 F221B1/4 BL203 F6213 BK072 F3501/16 CL103 F221B3/64 CL205 F221V3/4 BL003 F221V3/4 GR003 F221V3/4 RD003 F221V3/4 WH003 F221V3/4 YL003 F6001/2 BK008 F221B3/8 BL202 FCLR3/32 CL005 F221V1/4 BK203 F2953/8 BK103 F2953/8 CL103 F3501/8 CL103 F2213/16 BL002 F2213/16 GR002 F2213/16 RD002 F2213/16 YL002 F221V3/64 BK100 F6003/8 BK008 F1053/4 BK005 F5006 NA114 F221V1/16 BK100 FCLR1/8 CL005 F321V3/32 BK002 F321V3/32 WH002 F6005/8 BK008 F40024 NA103 F221V3/32 BK100 F221L1IN BK004 F321V1/8 WH002 F2213/64 CL001 F3001/8 BK103 F3001/8 BR103 F2211/16 BL001 F2211/16 GR001 F2211/16 RD001 F2211/16 WH001 F2211/16 YL001 F40020 NA103 F6003/4 BK008 F221V3/64 BL001 F221V3/64 WH001 F221V3/64 YL001 F22111/2 CL015 F321V3/4 WH003 F1051/2 BK003 F221V1/16 BL001 F221V1/16 GR001 F221V1/16 RD001 F221V1/16 WH001 F221V1/16 YL001 F5004 NA114 F221V11/2 BK015 F221V11/2 BL015 F221V11/2 GR015 F221V11/2 RD015 F221V11/2 WH015 F221V11/2 YL015 F2211IN CL003 F2211IN BL003 F2211IN GR003 F2211IN RD003 F2211IN WH003 F2211IN YL003 F50010 NA113 F3211 BK105 F221V1IN BK003 F221V1IN BL003 F221V1IN GR003 F221V1IN RD003 F221V1IN WH003 F221V3/16 BK204 F6007/8 BK008 F221V1IN BK209 F3003/16 BK103 F3003/16 SL103 F3503/4 CL105 F1051IN BK005 F221V3/16 BK100 F6001IN BK008 FFLEX2 SL008 F221B3/16 BL204 F5002 NA114 F1053/64 BK002 F221V3/4 BK207 F221V3/32 BK206 F1053/4 BK003 F3503/16 CL103 ST3033/8 BK103 F6214 BK072 F1051/16 BK002 F40010 NA103 FCLR3/16 CL005 F221V1/8 BK206 F221B3/32 BL206 F6215/8 BK068 F50024 NA112 F4214IN BK107 F50020 NA112 F3001/4 WH103 F3001/4 BR103 F5000 NA114 F221V1/4 BK100 F221B1/8 BL206 F321V1IN BK003 F321V1IN RD003 F321V1IN WH003 F221V1/2 BK210 F50030 NA112 F5008 NA113 F1051IN BK003 F62111/4 BK068 F2212IN CL015 F2214IN BK007 F2214IN CL007 F4008 NA103 F1053/64 BK001 F3003/8 RD103 F10511/2 BK005 F1053/32 BK001 F221V2IN BK015 F221V2IN BL015 F221V2IN GR015 F221V2IN RD015 F60011/2 BK008 F42111/2 BK105 F221V3/8 BK100 F221B3/4 BK203 F221B3/4 CL203 FIT-221-4 CL007 F60011/4 BK008 FCLR1/2 CL007 F1051/16 BK001 FCLR1/4 CL005 F1053/8 BK002 F62121/2 BK068 FCLR3/4 CL007 F32111/2 BK105 F70026 BK132 F70025 BK132 F50028 NA112 F4009 NA103 F3503/8 CL103 F3501IN CL105 F4007 NA103 FCLR3/8 CL005 F4005 NA112 F2603/8 GY003 F221V3/64 BK205 F221B1IN BK203 F221B1IN CL203 F221B3/64 BL205 F221V1/16 BK205 F60013/4 BK008 F4004 NA112 F1053/16 BK001 F6213 BK068 F2601 GY005 F6001/4 BK016 F221V3/4 BK210 F6002IN BK008 F4003 NA112 F2601/2 GY003 F2213IN BK005 F2213IN CL005 F4002 NA112 F6003/4 BK005 FFLEX9 SL008 F4001 NA112 F2601/8 GY002 F6003/8 BK016 F3003/10 BK103 FCLR1IN CL007 F6007/8 BK005 F4000 NA112 F6001/2 BK016 F6001IN BK005 F6005/8 BK016 F6003IN BK008 F6212 BK063 FCLR11/2 CL007 F6214 BK068 FFLEX12 SL008 F2211IN BK100 F2211IN CL100 F2603/4 GY003 FFLEX2 SL005 F60011/4 BK005 F60013/4 BK031 F6503/8 BK005 F6501/4 BK005 F6503/16 BK005 F60011/2 BK005 FCLR2IN CL007 F6501/8 BK005 FFLEX3 SL005 F6002IN BK031 F6003IN BK007 FFLEX20 SL008 FFLEX5 SL005 F22111/2 CL100 F6501/2 BK005 FFLEX6 SL005 F2213/32 CL171 F2212IN BK100 F6503/4 BK005 FFLEX9 SL005 ST65011/2 BK007 F6501 BK005 FFLEX12 SL005 FFLEX20 SL005 F2213IN BK100 F2213IN CL100 F2214IN BK100 F2214IN CL100 F221B3/4 CL003 F221B1IN CL003 SPC200 NC196

Put up codes -
001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 007, 008, 010, 011, 013, 015, 016, 017, 018, 019, 020, 021, 022, 024, 025, 026, 028, 030, 032, 033, 038, 059, 060, 061, 062, 063, 064, 065, 066, 067, 068, 069, 070, 071, 072, 073, 074, 076, 078, 080, 082, 083, 100, 103, 105, 107, 114, 147, 171, 180, 194, 199, 204, 205, 207, 212, 257, 270, 309, 312, 317, 318, 319, 320, 321, 322, 324, 326, 327, 328, 500, 990, 991


For more “Put-Up” suffixes please reference:

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One more “Put-Up” suffix which not on the list.

The F221V1/2 BK201 comes as 2 spools of 150ft. We break pack on the F221V1/2 BK201. Essentially products are the same.