4 dash numbers for the same part

Digikey offers 4 different parts for the PBSS5350X: 1) PBSS5350X, 146 and 2) PBSS5350X, 135 and 3) PBSS5350X, 115, and finally 4) PBSS5350X, 147. All of these have different Digikey part numbers and separate stock. But all of the listings are identical except for the number after the comma.

The Nexperia Datasheet doesn’t show any of this.

What is the difference? What does the number after the comma mean?

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The parts themselves are all identical. It has to do with either the size of the reel or how they are oriented in the pocket on the tape.

115 = Standard orientation, 7" reel (1000 pieces/reel)
135 = Standard orientation, 11" reel (4000 pieces/reel)
146 = 270 degree orientation, 7" reel (1000 pieces/reel)
147 = 90 degree orientation, 7" reel (1000 pieces/reel)

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