Molex part numbering format


A question that we get from time to time is what is the difference in the Molex part numbering structure listed on Molex website, verses Digi-Key’s website.

In speaking with my product manager I found out that Molex was running short of part numbers a few years back and elected to change from their existing format to a 10 digit format. There was no change made to these parts. There was simply additional digits added to allow product expansions

An example of this would be part number 53309-1070 is listed in our system as 0533091070. All of these parts are listed on the Digi-Key site under the new format, however we also tag the old part number so our customers can easily find the parts. You will often see these tags listed as other names on the bottom of the product page.

This can also be confirmed on the Molex site if you go into the part details you will see the new part number and the Old PN listed. Here is a clip from the Molex site.

For this reason you will at times also find the old part number listed on the drawing/data sheet.

Should you have questions on Molex part numbers or any other part number please feel free to ask and our team of techs and engineers will work to get you the answer you are looking for.