400VDC switching voltage relay


So I’m building a charge circuit that will need 2 or 4 relays (2 sets of Form A and 2 sets of Form B). In either case, I need the relays to be able to take a 400VDC, 1.2 A load at least (higher is better) without welding, but as I’m finding, either everything is AC rated, or that the current is not high enough.

I was wondering if someone could help me on my search, I’d greatly appreciate it.


EDIT: As an additional note, it would be great if I can mount the relays directly to a PCB, as the rest of the circuit is on one.

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This search gives 50 relays all rated for more than 1.2A @ 400VDC.

You can further narrow down the results by choosing other options, e.g. coil voltage.

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I’ve further filter the results of the like that Paul had sent. I hope this helps.

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