Relay specs

I am looking for a relay with the following attributes:

  1. Coil voltage 24V (supplied by a 24V bus which ranges from 15 to 25 V),
  2. Max voltage 40 at zero amps. Relays appear to spec a max switching voltage which I am not sure is at max current.
  3. AEC grade 1 temperature range, -40 to 125 C, though this appears tough for most relays,
  4. Max current 1 A,
  5. Non-latching,
  6. DPDT

I have a height requirement around 1/2 inch similar to the following:

This is the closest that I can find:

Though they violate my temperature range and maximum voltage.

I can relax my temperature requirement though what exactly does maximum switching voltage mean for relays?

Does maximum switching correspond to maximum current or zero current?

Thank you

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. Switching voltage is the voltage that will be flowing once the coil has been energized, maximum switching voltage is the max allowed and if you exceed that damage may occur to the relay. What the maximum voltage and current you will be switching on, is it 40 volts DC and 1 amp ? We have an option like Digikey part A122213-ND which meets all specs but has a max switching voltage of 28vdc, I wasn’t able to find an option that matches all specs. We also have Digikey part 2449-J114AF2CS24VDC.53-ND which has matches all electrical specs but is 0.81 inches tall.

Here’s another one which meets most of your requirements:

Its least comparable spec is that it’s only rated up to 85°C. Its guaranteed minimum switching voltage is 15.6V, so that’s also a tad high. It meets every other spec you mention easily.

To your question about maximum switching voltage, I think different vendors specify this differently, so one must delve into the datasheets and hope they clarify. For this particular relay, they say the max DC switching voltage is 220VDC, but that is at only 250mA. However, it will handle 2A up to about 30V.

From the datasheet:

From the graph they provide, it will switch 1A up to 60V reliably.