6-pin connector for geophone

Hello, can anyone help me identify a suitable connector I can use to connect to this geophone? It has 6 pins, circular connection. On the inner rim it has 5 slots to ensure correct connection to the pins, but the outer rim has 3 points sticking out, I think that is used for a lock kind of system. Any suggestions?

Hello @joevoe and welcome to the TechForum. Are there any markings on the connector? Are the pins solder cup or crimp?


Some also have a part number on the back like this example.

If you know the brand/model# of the geophone, that might also help. There isn’t any standard type of connector for those, but there’s a small chance of finding a manual or some other documentation that references the parts on that particular geophone.

Thanks for your help. Sorry, I wasn’t clear, apologies. I’m actually looking for the connector that I can attach to this one. I don’t dare to remove the connector as this might impact the watertightness of the geophone. Unfortunately there are no other details specified anywhere else

@Robert_Fay: This looks very similar the connector. Could you tell me the digikey product number for that one?

That’s understandable and reasonable. With the example that Robert gave and the suggestion I posted, we’re trying to identify the connector in the photo because that information often leads us to the mating product. Otherwise, there may be too many unknowns (dimensions, for example) to compare to existing products.

If you know the brand and model number of the geophone, for example, there may be an accessory list or spec sheet somewhere online that could help.

So the one I pictured I believe was PT07A-10-6P and would mate to something like a PT06A-10-6S

The Amphenol data sheet should provide enough information to verify your measurements. PT.pdf (amphenol-industrial.com)

Thanks Bill. Let me have another look in the laboratory and see if I can find some clues!