6 way rotary switch

I need a schematic symbol for a 6 way rotary switch but you only have a 5 way
Is it possible to modify an existing symbol or please could you create one in Scheme-it?

Hi @pitchfork - Modifying existing symbols is not currently supported, however, you can create custom symbols using “Build a Symbol”. Using Lines and Pins you can create a 6-way rotary switch symbol.

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Thank you Cody
I have another requirement: A Trimmer Potentiometer
That requires a line at 45 degrees
You have symbols for a trimmer capacitor & a trimmer inductor
Can you either suggest how I can construct this or create a library symbol?

Please give my regards to Mark Larson (I met him & his wife many years ago in the UK when I was working for Premier Farnell. His wife had at one time lived in my home city of Southampton so we spent some time talking about the place)

Hi @pitchfork,

You can build one in the Symbol Editor under ‘Build a Symbol’

You can use the Line or Rectangle tool to draw a box-

Then add the 45 degree lines and pins to the body like so-

I removed the pin names and the numbers do not show when your custom symbol is placed…

After you save it, you will find it at My Custom Symbols under User Library, not under Custom Symbols.

Hope this helps.

Another tip- be sure to draw your part in the center of the grid if you plan to zoom in to add fine adjustments, like so (I was not dead on center, so it still moved up as I zoomed in)-

Otherwise it will disappear off your grid when you zoom and it appears to be hard to move what you have down, all at once.

I re-drew it to get closer to the same scale (4 blocks tall instead of 5) as those in the standard library- image