Create a symbol from existing parts?


I am trying to create a diagram with a five-position SPST dip-switch. This is a common part and you have it in stock.

Within Scheme-it you have three-position dip switches and two position dip switches, but no five-position.

So, I get this bright idea - superimpose a three and a two position dip switch - but that doesn’t work as that becomes two separate parts.

Creating a custom symbol doesn’t work because there are no “switch” elements, only IC-type elements. I could fake it, but there are not even arrow-line primitives.

How do I accomplish this?


We have the five position SPST dip-switch on page 2/4. Schematic Symbols > Switches > Page 2


You can also shorten it up a step by going to Schematic Symbols > Switches > DIP
It will then be on page one. Good luck with your project!