8" - 10" LCD screen PORTRAIT

Product search:

We have an application that requires the following:
Screen Size: 8" to 10.1" max diag.
Display Modules - LCD, TFT, Graphic (we do not heed high res.)
input HDMI
No need to touch
Low cost

We have tried several screens but each had default horizontal. The project takes an HDMI out from a bar code scanner and straight into the Screens’ HDMI. We do not have a mechanism to rotate. The native orientation of the screen we need must be PORTRAIT

Hello davidsmcse - welcome to the Forum.
I’m sorry, I did not locate a LCD screen that meets you specification of portrait mode, so I’m not able to offer you any part numbers. In my search, though I did spot a couple on Google using your description of LCD screen portrait. Good luck on your search - I’m sorry we couldn’t help!

Is it possible to flash the firmware on your LCD screens to force portrait?? We need to purchase a min of 200 screens if we can solve this portrait issue.

Hi davidsmcse,

What is the make and model of your barcode reader? What is your upper limit to be considered “low cost”?

The scanner is Janam XT3

Image link below for what we are trying to solve.

We are trying to stay under $70 per screen. We need to purchase a min. first order of 200 units.

Hi davidsmcse,

I did not find a match to your requirements for a portrait configuration.
So I’m sorry, but I do not have a part number to offer.

Hi davidsmcse,

I was unable to find any HDMI input display we carry which is either natively portrait mode or configurable. I assume you have exhausted your efforts of getting the Janam XT3 to output the data in that format? It looks like it is Android-based. Perhaps that could be done either in some configuration setting or possibly as a customization option from Janam?

As a long-shot, using a Rube Goldberg approach, it looks like Auvidea makes an HDMI to CSI bridge module which could, in theory, be used to convert HDMI to CSI format and feed into the camera input of a board such as a Raspberry Pi. From there, you would have to configure the Raspberry Pi to do the rotation and send the modified signal out via HDMI to a display. I believe that this is probably feasible, but if you don’t have the software expertise, it may prove extremely challenging to accomplish.