8Q-32.000METV-T pin description


I am using 8Q-32.000METV-T for my BLE controller. The 4-pad crystals for BLE application have two pins (2 & 4) assigned as ground but in the datasheet of 8Q-32.000METV-T, pin 4 is assigned as NC. Is it typo??
So will the BLE performance affect if I connect the pad 4 of crystal footprint to my PCB ground??

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NC typically indicates that a contact present on a package has no internal connection, and therefore no direct influence on device operation. On that basis I would not expect that connecting pin 4 on the part mentioned to ground would cause problems.

In other circumstances, such as placing a single op amp in a standard 8-pin package, what are NC pins on some devices function as offset trim pins on others; making connections to NC pins in that case may limit one’s options for selection of alternative parts.

Thank you rick_1976 for your reply. I also assumed the same thing but I just needed someone to confirm this(somebody who have already used this crystal).
Thanks for your support.