931-1036-ND - Can it be placed outdoors?

I am having issues with a cellular modem losing service when the steel enclosure is shut. I would like to route the antenna to the outside of the box to increase the receiving ability.

Can this part number be placed in direct exposure to the elements? The wire of the antenna will be routed inside the box where the modem is…

Part number: 931-1036-ND


That product does not appear to be designed for outdoor use, and the specifications call for a non-condensing operating environment. It may work in an outdoor environment for a time, but I suspect that rain and UV exposure would eventually cause a degradation in performance and/or cause things to crumble and go to pieces. Note also that it is not to be mounted on a metal surface, as this would cause problems similar to the ones you’re trying to address.

If a suitable outdoor antenna cannot be identified, putting something like this inside a protective plastic enclosure might be an option.