Optimal Molex antennas placement in Enclosure

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We are working on the development of an industrial camera application. For its WIFI & BLE connectivity, we are 2 quantities of the following Molex antenna.
We have some ambiguities on the most optimal placement of these antennas inside our camera handle. The base of the camera handle is metal bracket (floating currently) and the top part is plastic. The antennas shall be mounted on/above in between this area. We are attaching a document for demonstration of this area and a tentative placement of these antennas along with a GPS antenna in that area.
We would request you to review this placement orientation and provide us feedback on its optimal placement to obtain peak gain per radiation pattern, distance from base metal bracket, orientation change/gap between other 2 antennas. We are open to using other antennas which may also be suitable for this application contraints being we would need the antenna to be in stock and atleast of 300mm cable length. We would also like to understand if using this length of a cable would cause significant deterioration of RF signal/ range or is that within acceptable limits. Our application is to use Wifi and Bluetooth for camera configuration purpose only. We would also like to understand the optimal placement of GPS antenna to not interfere with the radiation pattern of these 2 antennas.

Antenna Placement (1).docx (281.8 KB)


Hello @ashok1 ,
Your antenna related questions are beyond the scope of our TechForum. You may want to consider engaging with a design firm that has design and test experience with GPS antennas/placement and WiFi/Bluetooth interference. Potential design firms you could contact are listed in https://www.digikey.com/en/design-services-providers.

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