What products complete 36-987-ND

I looked at Product Index > Connectors, Interconnects > Modular Connectors - Jacks > Keystone Electronics 987 and was wondering what product will complete the waterproofing ?


This sort of product is intended to provide a weathertight pass-through connection through a bulkhead or product enclosure, the internals of which are understood to be protected by default. A complementary connector such as the 988P or 989C should be used to connect external equipment or protect the external side of an unconnected jack against corrosion and moisture ingress when not in use.

Ok I understand. It is not my case. This product 36-987-ND does not fit my needs.
I have a CAT5e wire at the end of witch I want to attach a female RJ45 in witch I want to insert a male RJ45 connector. I want the whole thing to be watertight. What combination of products should I use?

The character of ethernet is such that free-hanging jacks/receptacles/female connectors is not at all common; they’re generally placed close to the connected equipment, because having a connector in the middle of a “long” cable tends to do ugly things from a signal integrity standpoint.

That said, there are some product lines such as the RJF TV series that do offer free-hanging receptacle housings. They don’t seem to come cheap. An alternative that you might consider is using a product such as the one mentioned, in conjunction with a cable grip and a suitable enclosure to construct something that migt meet the need at hand.

Did not find what I needed in the links you provided so I think that I am going to try using this


with heat shrink tubing to seal the whole thing from rain and weather (-22F and 85F) ,maybe 2 or 3 layers of it.

That’d be more of an improvised/semi-permanent approach than the weatherized connector system I understood you to be seeking and wouldn’t be weather resistant unless completely covered, making it a pain to disconnect. But if you’re OK with that, roll with it.

380-1100-ND is a similar connector product, and I’d suggest Qualtek’s heat shrink products as a line which is generally quite economical. The Q5-4x series particularly is quite versatile for such use with its 4x shrink ratio, and the adhesive lining helps improve sealing properties. Do check the electrical connection -prior- to heat shrinking, and I’d suggest a heat gun/hair dryer over a lighter/torch as a heat source. The latter tend to result in some portions of the seal getting crispified while others remain not fully sealed or adhered, due to the narrow, intense nature of a small direct flame.

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