About the internal IC part number of the AUDIOENGINE D1 DAC

hello, i’m from taiwan

I have an AUDIOENGINE D1 DAC, D1 32-bit DAC/Headphone Amp — Audioengine

Because there are no agents and maintenance bases in Taiwan. At present, it is found that the IC in the red circle in the photo is damaged, but the number on the IC has been erased, and the model number cannot be seen. I would like to ask about the IC part number in the DAC. I hope that through your professionalism, my difficulties can be solved. Know what IC part number I want to buy and come back for a replacement.


Unfortunately, I am not showing this product on our line card so we would not have access to any additional support outside of the manufacturer’s site. I would suggest filling out the inquiry form on their site to see if they will share this information with you though often these are specialty or proprietary and the manufacturers won’t share the specifics on their boards.