Access to "ICECUBE 2012.03" for programming ICE65 FPGA Family?


We are in need of the Silicon-Blue/Lattice-Semiconductor “ICECUBE 2012.03” IDE software in order for us to be able to program FPGA chips from the ICE65 family. Please let us know if anyone can help us with this. Thanks.


Hi @hanyabushall you’ll need an account with Lattice,

You can find all their archived software releases here:


Hi @RobertCNelson thanks for the quick and helpful feedback.
Unfortunately, I have already checked this link before and the earliest version they are offering is “2012.09”. This one does not have support for ICE65 family. The one we are looking for is “2012.03”; about 2 versions earlier. I was wondering if there are some other way we can have this earlier version. Thanks.

I suppose you’ve contacted Support directly?

Looking around github, there are some open-source programmers now… Can we assume you have the final built files/hex/etc? IN which case we just need to program your device? SO, which external programmer are you using?

Or do you need to fully rebuild your project?


Hi @RobertCNelson,

Yes, I have contacted Support directly. I have also found that a later version of Lattice Semiconductor programmer can be used to program ICE65 FPGA chips.

Unfortunately, I am in need to rebuild the project and hence having the proper programmer is not sufficient to solve the issue.

Thanks again for your help and looking forward to any other helpful suggestions.