AD1938 Variations

I’m looking to purchase some AD1938 ADC/DAC chips, and I am wondering if there are any fundamental differences between the different models.

For instance, I see that I can purchase the following variations:

From reading the datasheet, I have gathered that:
Z = RoHS Compliant Part
W = Qualified for Automotive Applications
and they all support single-ended output and SPI control

I am also aware of the different packaging types, such as Tape and Real and Trays.

Are there any other fundamental differences that I should consider?

Any input is appreciated.

Hello Thaines3,

Even comparing 505-AD1938WBSTZ-ND to AD1938YSTZRLCT-ND, automotive vs non-automotive, I am not seeing any parametric differences between the too. It would seem that it is just if they have met the automotive standards or not.