Adam Tech SPST Switch wiring, 4 pin LED

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I’m not sure how to wire this switch. The schematic indicates four terminals marked: ON (x2), +, -

I have AC mains in at 110V/60Hz, and this switch should connect between the AC Mains in and the load (in my case, an AC/DC Power supply unit which outputs 12VDC 3A). Since the switch indicates 12VDC for the LED, I was planning to use the DC output from the power supply.


( + ) 12VDC Positive
( - ) 12VDC Negative

ON Line 110VAC Input
ON Line 110VAC Output (these can be wired up either way, output or input)

Perfect, thanks Kristof!

Just as a footnote for possible future reference, I believe those two “ON” contacts are actually “NO” contacts, which refers to “Normally Open”.



For switches of the “Double Throw” variety, which have both a Normally Open contact and a Normally Closed contact, as you might guess, the Normally Closed contact would be marked “NC”.


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