Adam Tech Switch LED SW-PB7-1Z-A-RG-H-3-G2A

For SW-PB7-1Z-A-RG-H-3-G2A Adam Tech Switch with LED, (Digikey Part: 2057-SW-PB7-1Z-A-RG-H-3-G2A-ND)

I am needing to know what the current the LED draws. This model is 12V model and datasheet does not have any data on current (recommended, max etc). Also the pin out is poorly marked on the data sheet.


Illuminated switches of the sort which call out some convenient figure (e.g. 12v) as the illumination voltage incorporate a current limiting mechanism internal to the device. In these cases, the current drawn at the nominal input is generally that typical of indication-class LEDs, in the neighborhood of 20mA. It’s not especially uncommon in such cases for actual current draw not to be specified. If one sees an illumination voltage specified as an odd number more typical of a diode Vf figure (e.g. 3.2v) then current limiting has likely been left up to the user (more flexibility, less convenience) and recommended current figures will generally be available.

As for the connection markings, they may not be especially prominent, but they do show up in the drawing view most suited to the task. I’d not be surprised if such markings were found on the switch itself.