Terminal Identification for AVH19LSFE3121604


I can’t find anything for the AVH anitvandal switch series which distinguishes between the terminals.
Is there a drawing which identifies these terminals?



The documentation does indeed seem lacking on the point, but if one zooms in on the larger product image the markings on the switch body are visible, as highlighted below. Illumination terminals would be the smaller ones on the back (in keeping with their lower current carrying requirement) the common contact the larger one on the back, and NO/NC terminals on the bottom as indicated, with the NC terminal closer to the switch face.

It’s admittedly less desirable than proper documentation for such things, but would appear to agree with the 3D PDF from the TE site, and makes a great deal of sense when thinking about internal construction.

Hi Rick,

Thanks for that, would you also be able to advise on the supply voltage to the LED terminals?

The LED illumination voltage is 16VDC but the switch is intended for AC. Do I have to supply 16VDC or is there some internal circuitry that takes care of this?

I notice the LED circuit symbol is two LEDS parallel and opposite directions.

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Per the part number breakdown in the datasheet, 12V would be the nominal illumination supply, which I’d apply in keeping with the marked potential symbols. The back-to-back diode illustration in the datasheet is indeed a bit confusing, but seeing as there are some variants that appear to have bi-color illumination, it would stand to reason that those might be set up to be controlled by applying the illumination supply with one polarity or the other.