Finding a replacement switch

I need a new switch, this was installed on a panel in a 2020 30’ airstream classic, it is lit and controls a 12V battery disconnect

Welcome to the Forum Jerry. I can say it looks like an anti-vandal switch. Not sure if the marking shows that it would light up or not. So we would need to know if this lights up and what is the voltage that makes it light up. Does the switch list any current rating on it. Then what is the function and size? I have a list that you can look at. Here is the link:

Sorry. I just could not tell with that middle marking if it lights up or not. We would actually need the illumination voltage if it does. Though the list might show some options .

It does light up and system is 12v, it turns off and on a battery disconect

Im assuming that the hot and ground operate liight and the other wires green and black are momentary

This is a subset of the above having a 12V illumination voltage and single-pole momentary closure switch function. I’d pick one that fits the size of the available mounting hole, noting that the images aren’t necessarily accurate; Iooks like a few images of blue switches at least were supplied that actually light up green.

Hi @jerry

Taking a gamble it’s 3/4’’ cutout.

12v Blue options:
Momentary options: 450-2261-ND | EG5194-ND

ON/OFF option (for reference): 450-2271-ND

I am trying to match this switch for an airstream battery disconnect , it lights up blue. Would you be able to locate the same one as configured on the wiring?

450-2377-ND, will have 4 connections. 2 for the illumination, and 2 for the contacts.
This will be a normally open contact switch, and when you hold the button in, the contacts will connect.
This is the only match with 4 terminals. If you need a Normally closest contacts, that will open when the button is pushed, you will have to look at the SPDT with 5 contacts, and only use 4 of them.

That was too small, the one I have is ¾ hole, was the one pictured made by you?

No: Digi-Key is a distributor of electronic components, similar to a grocery store. Whether the exact make and model of switch pictured is available from our line card is not possible to identify from the photos provided.

Based on the description of a switch for 3/4" cutout with momentary action and 12V illumination however, the options presented above ( 450-2261-ND | EG5194-ND) can be suggested as very likely capable of satisfying the need.

The wires were soldered by airstream for a battery disconnect