Anti vandal switch

I’m looking for e-switch part number ulv7fpbss3g5 that’s the e-switch part number I’m looking for the Digi-Key part so I can order some of these switches can you help

Rob521, I am sorry I am unable to verify that part number. It could be obsolete or a proprietary part.

What I’m looking for is a 22m anti vandal switch your part number is 414-ULV7FMBSS33-ND but I need the illumination voltage to be 24VDC

Hi @Rob521, just a little bit of clarification -

The 24V version of 141-ULV7FMBSS33-ND would be ULV7FMBSS35.
Just to confirm though, the original part number you requested was ULV7FPBSS3G5 - can you clarify which one you would be needing?

Here is the part number breakdown:

Both of these would be special order situations for you and factory minimum order quantities, full lead times and special terms such as NCNR may apply. If you’d like us to get a quote issued with E-Switch, please email the part number you would like quoted along with the quantity and your full contact information to

The P in the e-switch part number means detachable socket w/wire leads and the G means green and red led the E-Switch part number is ULV7FPBSS3G5 this is the switch I’m looking for I need 8 all together

Your original part number looked like a valid option, assuming any combination of characters is valid, but one which we do not list in our system. We may be able to do a non-stock order on it, but there would be a minimum order quantity and probably a significant lead time.

Here are a couple of other similar items of which we do currently have stock:

2449-DH221NBSG24-ND Green LED, note DPST NC/NO function, only rated 2A

141-PVS7F2BSS335-ND Very similar, Green LED, but square style face, only rated 2A

If you really wanted one very similar to one of the ones you requested but you needed them either right away, or in smaller than minimum order quantities, you could make one of the following function with 24V by putting a resistor of appropriate value in series with the LED contacts:


If I go with the 450-2340-ND witch resister do I use to go from 5amp to 3amp

You can’t change the current rating of the switch. Plus you never need to lower the maximum allowed current for a specified switch unless you are looking to find a physically smaller switch.

To run the 12V LED at 24 V, you add a resistor in series with to the LED + terminal. The resistor value you need is found with Ohm’s law:
Ohms = Volts / Amps
You want to drop from 24 to 12 Volts so it becomes:
Ohms = (24 - 12)/ Amps = 12/Amps

I could not find a current rating for the LED on the data sheet so I can’t calculate the final answer for you. If this is a one off build you can measure the LED current when on @ 12 Volts and use that value to calculate the resistor value. If many units are to be modified it would be best to get the current rating from the manufacturer.

When you know the current and resistance then you can calculate the minimum wattage for the resistor using: Watts = Volts drop * Amps = 12 * Amps