Part EG5442-ND with cord connected

I ordered a light switch for my light but the switch isn’t compatible. I’m looking for part EG5442-ND with the cord connected.

Attached are photos of the original switch that I’m trying to replace with the cord connected.

Thank you for your inquiry,

The closest option we’ve got that has wire leads attached to the switch is V246S00C-AZC00-000-XETW1-ND - however this is a non-stocked part with a minimum order quantity of 20.

The original part EG5442-ND has a solder lug termination and requires separate hook up wire and solder equipment in order to make the connection.

Thank you for your response. Do you have a picture of the original part?

Thanks for your response,

The picture for EG5442-ND can be found here:

Let me know if I can help with anything else!