Adhesives for Copper Tracks on PCBs

Hi guys,
Anyone could recommend me any good adhesive to bond ripped off copper tracks on Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs for short). I’m searching for a temperature resistant adhesive suitable for electronics (see herein real photo example). I’ve used Loctite 401, but when applying solder and flux, copper track ripped off again. All advices are welcomed. Thanks

Hi @rueda.micky ,

Thank you for reaching out to Digi-Key TechForum. You may want to use one of below products, please review datasheet specifications before ordering to confirm they will work for your application:

Conductive Repair

Conductive Epoxies

Not sure how it is with copper traces, but the company I work for uses Loctite 444 “TAK PAK” adhesive. It is specifically formulated for electronics assemblies.

Tak Pak is excellent for attaching components and tacking wires, but like all cyanoacrylate adhesives it fails at soldering temperatures.

So I do not recommend it for re-attaching PCB tracks that will get hot during assembly.

Also the fumes it gives off when heated by a soldering iron are very bad, so if you are soldering around it have good ventilation.

I typically use copper wire to repair broken traces but that is not an easy task.


You might want to forego repairing/gluing the lifted copper traces.

A common way to repair circuit boards is with wire wrap, wiring point to point or scratching away the solder mask and soldering the wire to the trace.

If you don’t have a high enough gauge wire more than 1 wire can be used.

The reason wire wrap type wire is used is the insulation is made of ETFE or PVDF (trade names Kynar, Tefzel ) is because it is extremely heat resistant so the insulation will not melt (creep back) when you’re soldering to it.

The only trick is wire wrap is a little difficult to strip the insulation because it’s tough to strip without damaging the wire so proper tools are needed.

Here is Chemtronic Guide on trace width and equivalent wire gauge for repairing circuit boards with wire wrap.


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