Keeping your circuit board safe from moisture and humidity

Moisture and Humidity can easily damage the electronic components on your circuit board. Short circuits can result from water droplets bridging traces. In some cases, this may even cause arcing and fires. Even if your board doesn’t short, electronic devices risk malfunction from moisture corroding away traces.

Don’t worry, though. The below solutions may help.

  1. Conformal Coating
    Conformal Coatings are common and effective tools to prevent the PCB from corroding, short circuiting or arcing. After the board is clean, just spray the product on. It will leave a thin and transparent coating for protection.

  2. Epoxy
    Epoxies are made up of 2 part encapsulating compounds. After they are mixed, you can pour the mixture onto the circuit board. Once cured, the result is extremely hard and durable. Epoxy is most effective when the board is covered to at least 1/4 inch in thickness.
    Epoxies have excellent protection against impact, shock, conductivity, moisture and chemicals. Epoxies are extremely difficult to remove and provide a excellent surface for explosion proof components.

  3. RTV Silicone
    RTV Silicones are Room Temperature Vulcanizing Silicones. They are good for extreme high temperature fluctuations. They are able to be removed when repairs have to be done later.