Advanced Photonix Photocell

I am looking for a datasheet or any available information on an Advanced Photonix part # 420A917 which is described as PHOTOVOLTAIC SOLAR CELL in my company’s database. Ultimately I am looking to cross reference this to an available part. This part measures approximately 5mm x 25mm, there are 2 of these on the pcb in the attached photo.


If the 1997 date on the board in the photo is an indication of vintage, info might be hard to find. Lots has changed in 23 years, and it’s conceivable that this item might have been a custom to start with. I’ll send a note and see about getting some help from AP on the question. Might take some time…

Actually that’s a 1987 date :slightly_smiling_face: Just to verify, I only need information on the photocell and not the circuit board. Thank you.

'87 you say? That’ll definitely put a crimp on info accessibility… That late-90’s period when documentation shifted to digital made for something amounting to industrial amnesia; anything that wasn’t thought a hot enough topic to move to the new format has since become awfully hard to learn about.

An inquiry has been made. Will advise with any responsive information received.