Looking for part

Im looking for a lcd screen with board from a nano digital pilot pool salt chlorinator. It has LC 1621 writen on the board but can’t find it anyware. Any help would be appreciated

![image|666x500](upload://v5dwaSaNhhtxnsputZ6RasFVdKR.jpeg) ![image|666x500](upload://qLSO1RAyFuVkC1Zlw3BDXfb47d2.jpeg) ![image|666x500](upload://q5dCJEpZYaHkkLgKwXQCdgC6iQs.jpeg)


I was not to verify the part number from the pictures but was able to find this data sheet for part LC1621-SMLYH6 which appears to align with the pictures.
LC1621-SMLYH6.pdf (340.2 KB)

Looking through the datasheet I was able to find a possible cross in part MOP-AL162A-BYFY-25J-3IN and have the datasheet here if you want to take a look. You would need to add your own header to add it to your board.
MOP-AL162A.pdf (1.2 MB)

If you want to look through some additional options you can look here.


Thanks for the info!! Now i got something i can work with.:+1::+1: