Need help replacing Epilog Engraver 24TT LCD. Screen Not Functioning

Need Help getting replacement parts for the Epilog Engraver 24TT LCD screen. Recently the screen stopped displaying the functions and was just blank with the lighting on. Upon removing the unit now the screen does not even light up. The LCD board is from 1999 so im presuming something finally went bad. I need help identify a replacement LCD and any potential parts i need to replace on the board itself. I am not versed at all in this type of work, though i am willing to learn and do the leg work to get this thing fixed. Thank you, Below is the details/image of the board:


For the screen would it have markings on it?
You would need to disassemble enough of the overall panel to look at the screen mounted to one of the boards.

As far as the rest of the items on either board shown.
I cannot see if there is damage to the items as shown.