Product modification request


We have bought a lot of 1604 and 2004 lcd from you.

How can we use your new adapter with 4 wires and attach it to our pcb?

Or can you solder wires to the LCDs we buy from you so they complete or easier to go to the new 4 wire?

Thanks Much,
Tesla Electronics


It is unclear to what products you are referring. If you could provide complete part numbers or links to the items in question, it would be helpful.

Hello Roy,

Please assist, as I do not fully understand your request.

Are you exploring products such as this MIKROE-151 parallel LCD to serial adapter? Depending on your LCD functionality, PCB size, connector constraints, and distance constraints, this may be an alternative.

As for DigiKey custom work, please compare your needs with the services described on Customizable Product Services. Perhaps you will find a partnership fulfilling your needs withing DigiKey’s value-added capabilities.

On a related note, you may or may not want to include additional wires for front panel / computer control of the display contrast. Likewise, you may or may not want to have control of the LCD backlight if applicable. There is something to be said for keeping this functionality close to the LCD. For example, consider the EMI from a switching power supply used to control the LCD backlight intensity.

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Hello APDahlen,

Thank you for your patience and useful information.

I am working with a client on this and trying to gather more information to help us both.:grinning:

Talk more soon,


Sure thing, Roy.

Let us know how we can help.



Hi Aaron,

How can I confirm the LCD part number I am wanting to refer to?
Is it located on the part somewhere?

I need to purchase trim for some LCD screens.

Hello Roy,

If we are on the same page with respect to the LCD, you may be able to find the part number on the pack of the device. For example, here is a 20-char by 4-line display.

The sticker may have fallen off of your part.



Good idea. From what I can tell and going by the number “802-3 Series Ver 20”, I believe this is it…

I am looking for a bezel that goes around this. My client is selling a product without this and it looks terrible.

Do you sell these bezels?

Thank you for your patience. I am a Mechanical Engineer and this is way outside my expertise.

Perhaps you will find what you are looking for here:

I suspect this is one of those iterative design moments. As a general, rule these character displays are interchangeable as the code and electrical interface is the generally the same for the displays. Hopefully you have the design freedom to match bezel, display, and panel.

Be sure to verify the specifics with the programmer and designer, as there are some exceptions. Understand that I can’t guarantee success with your particular design. I can only point out alternatives for you and your team to explore.

Have a good weekend,