What is a compatible LCD for Boss dr3 16x2 cog

Welcome to the Technial Forum. Unfortunaely I was not able to find any technical data for the LCD screen. We have plenty of 16x2 displays. The hard part is what will work. These are generally not a plug and play. So pin outs , drivers, might be different . There is no data I can find. It is an OEM product so that is not unsual. Sorry. I am not able to say what would work on this one.

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Thanks for the reply! Do you know if this model NHD-C0216AZ-FN-GBW-Nd would work if I try resoldering the conections? It’s a 16x2 cog 14pin same as the oem one.

I am not sure. I could not find the pin designations for the original part so I am not sure if they would match.

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@moldov3anub, Typically, if the pin location for a display like this is the same place, then odds are the pinout would also be the same. That being said, without having a spec sheet for the original part it might be different. I would check the pinout from the display datasheet and see if any of the pins can be matched up with what’s on your PCB to be sure.


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Hi @moldov3anub, Verna, Jeff,

From the pictures provided, the Newhaven display would probably work (both the original and this one are transreflective w/o backlight). Based on the capacitor locations, it suggests that the pin-out is compatible (all digital lines have EMC capacitors, except pin 5, RW, which is probably tied permanently to ground). The OP should measure the pin3 voltage (3rd from right). It should read approx. 5V in order to be compatible with the Newhaven’s.

heke, AsamaLab


Thank you for the info! I’ll get the display and update this post with the results! :fist: