Need help with a GCW zero screen replacement

Graphic LCD Display Module Transmissive Red, Green, Blue (RGB) TFT - Color Parallel, 24-Bit (RGB) 3.5" (88.90mm) 320 x 240

Will this work for a GCW zero gaming unit? I would like to know - needs to be 54 pin.

Anyone who can help is appreciate it.


It looks like The dimensions and specs match up. The connector on this guy is 54 pins. Check out page 3 of the datasheet below for pin designation:

Yep, this screen is recommended for this unit / very close to stock as I can get -Here’s where I got my info:

would know how long it would take to ship?
I live in US and in minnesota

It appears that we (also in MN) currently have stock on that item, so if you order by 8PM it ought to ship same day.

Things might have changed in the past twenty-ish years and your mileage may vary, but the last I was ordering stuff from Fargo ND, USPS standard shipping was effectively next-day delivery from Digi-Key.

Thank you! :slight_smile: I’ll order today / stay safe friend