Newhaven Display NHD-4.3-480272MF-20 Controller Board

I like to use this LCD NHD-4.3-480272MF-20 Controller Board with Pic18f26k22 SSOP 28 pin package. What are the MPU pins connecting J2 matching?.

Pin Description: J2 (SSD1963 input from user’s MPU)
Pin No. Symbol External Connection Function Description
1 GND Power Supply GND
2 VCC Power Supply Power supply for LCD and logic (3.3V)
3 B/L Enable Power Supply Backlight Enable
4 RS MPU Register Select. RS=0: Command, RS=1: Data
5 WR MPU 8080 MPU Write Signal active LOW
6 RD MPU 8080 MPU Read Signal active LOW
7-14 DB0-DB7 MPU 8-bit bidirectional data bus
15 CS MPU Active LOW Chip Select signal
16 REST MPU Active LOW Reset signal
17 NC - No Connect
18 NC - No Connect
19 DISP MPU Display On signal
20 NC - No Connect


It doesn’t appear that the microcontroller you’ve chosen has any purpose-specific peripherals for driving displays of this type, so the choice of which micro pins connect to which display pins is somewhat arbitrary. If you’re planning to use any existing libraries or code, chances are fair that it’ll have some preferences regarding which pins are used for which purposes.

If instead you’ll be writing your own code from scratch, you’ll want to pick pin assignments that make life simple. The 8 pixel data lines on the display should probably map directly to an 8-bit port on the micro for example. The remaining clock and control signals would probably be best mapped to a port reserved specifically for that purpose, to allow the necessary bit-wiggling to be done using simple write operations rather than read-modify-writes, which can take 3x longer. If the extra pins can’t go to waste, using them as inputs may afford a similar benefit.

To somewhat simplify the design, one might consider using one of the Bridgetek (formerly of FTDI) “EVE” graphics controller devices which offload most of the graphics complexity to the EVE chip.

Here are some of the options using one of the EVE family of chips:

NHD-4.3-480272FT-CTXL-T or one of these

VM816CU50A-D 5" display with BT816 EVE controller board
VM816C50A-N controller board only with same BT816 for use with 40-pin type LCD

Info about the EVE Embedded Video Engines:

EVE2 TFT Modules

EVE2 TFT Module - Newhaven Display | DigiKey