Lcd controller 4172700xx-3


I need a replacement ALR-1920 LCD Controller Board for our INNOLUX 40-inch S400HJ6-LE8 TV.

After conducting some testing, I found that the power controller board connected to the buttons and responsible for providing power to the LCD backlight and touch screen is malfunctioning. As a result, I’m in need of either an alternative or the same board as a replacement.
On the Controller board there is no serial number. The only Markings I could find on the power controller is
REF EPCOTS: 20 700 012
E357349 UL94V-0
Is there an alternative or does someone know where I can find the power Controller board?

Thank you

Hello Tactical-IT,

It appears that the ALR-1920 is obsolete. We do have 586-4176400XX-3-ND, which is the ALT-1920, that may work for you. The manufacturer does have this datasheet that has a side by side comparison of the ALR-1920 and the ALT-1920.

Hi nick,

This is the board that is defective.

This one is between our buttonboard and the ALR-1920 and gives power to the backlight, touch and fans.
I don’t know if the ALR-1920 itself is defective.

Thank you,

Hello Tactical-IT,

Unfortunately, I have been unable to find this board or any information on it.

Thanks for the info.
This is a board that provides power to the lcd, Backlight and touch panel and is also connected to the on/off buttons, brightness etc.
Do you have any alternative for a power controler board?
Thank you


We would not have a replacement for this board.

Hi @Tactical-IT ,

IMHO there is absolutely no chance to find a replacement board COTS, as it is a part of a low margin consumer product. The board is probably available only through manufacturer’s official service channels or some sweatshop who sells refurbished boards.

What you could do is to go through all the solder joints one-by-one. Apply some solder flux to every joint and heat up the joint by a soldering iron. As the joints seem to be soldered using lead-free process, the outcome won’t be pretty, but hopefully will fix the board, in the case that the problem was a worn out joint (especially the joints of Q8 look awful).

Another thing to try is to plug a Microchip’s PIC debugger to the black pin strip on board to see if a communication link to the PIC24FJ64 chip can be established.

With a hope that this helped , heke


Thanks for the info. But I got shorts on the board.
Will check the joints.