Advanced Thermal Solutions Push Pin Color Inquiry

If you look at the pushPIN series Brass push pins from Advanced Thermal Solutions, you may see that the surface of the device displays discoloration.

Verified by the manufacturer, the push pins of this series are made from a brass alloy. The discoloration is completely normal tarnishing, and is only superficial (it does not affect the underlying metal).

There is no further documentation on this, because the parts appear normal and within specification. (The specification being plain brass finish, no plating)

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Applicable part numbers
DK Part # Mfr Part #
ATS1880-ND ATS-PP-01
ATS1881-ND ATS-PP-02
ATS1882-ND ATS-PP-03
ATS1883-ND ATS-PP-04
ATS1884-ND ATS-PP-05
ATS1885-ND ATS-PP-06
ATS1886-ND ATS-PP-08
ATS1887-ND ATS-PP-09
ATS1910-ND ATS-HK91-R0