Help with compatibility - bronze push pins and springs

Could anyone please tell me whether the following two products are compatible with each other. I am an end user looking for replacement parts for an AJA Kona LHI card where the push pins and springs have been misplaced by a previous employee.
Those parts I believe would be good replacements are as follows, but could do with knowing if these seem to be compatible with each other.

ATS1890-ND ‎(

Thanks for any help!

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I was unable to find any information on the RG8 7HY part, so I was unable to compare them.
You should check the Datasheet for ATS1885-ND, and compare the measurement to your original part.

Hi David.

Thanks for the response…
I made a mistake in the original post and included an incorrect part number…now edited.
Would you mind taking another look?


The height from the datasheet of ATS1885-ND, says it is 14.0mm. The “Free Length” of the spring ATS1890-ND, is 9.5mm long.

Thanks again David,

What I was unsure of was whether the spring would stay in place underneath the “head” of the push pin…so I guess the diameter of the push pin and the inner diameter of the spring are what matter. (I’m not confident that I can figure that out.)


I don’t have the measurements to verify the spring will go on, and not fall off. They should work together, as they are the same series.