Allegro A4975SB-T PWM Motor Driver Obsolete Alternative

A4975SB-T is a Full-Bridge PWM Microstepping Motor Driver from Allegro, but it’s currently EOL. One suggested replacement is A4975SLBTR-T from Allegro and it is 16 pin SOIC package.

Manufacturer Part Number A4975SB-T A4975SLBTR-T
Status Obsolete Active
Function Internal PWM current control Internal PWM current control
Steps Mode full-, half-, quarter-, eighth-step modes full-, half-, quarter-, eighth-step modes
Output Current ±1.5 A ±1.5 A
Output Voltage Rating 50V 50V
Operating Ambient Temperature -20 to 85°C -20 to 85°C
Package 16 pin DIP 16 pin SOIC

For more infromation on suggested replacement see the full manufacturer datasheet.

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