Alpha 2F4 phono/line switch

Does anyone know where I can find a replacement for a phone/line switch from Alpha elec. 2F4?


That looks like a standard toggle switch but I was not able to find any switches with that call out of 2F4.
Looks like we don’t carry that manufacturer neither but we carry some manufacturers like Alpha and Omega Semiconductor, Inc, Alpha Lighting, Alpha Micro Components, Alpha Wire, and AlphaLab Inc. But not just Alpha.

We might be able to help locate the toggle switch with the specs you need that we have in stock but we will need more in depth information on the specific specs of the switch.


That’s great thanks. What information you need?
It a two position switch for selecting phono and line input on a audio mixer

By two position you mean On-On? Which would technically be the switch function, From what you said the on-on seems to be what you’re explaining the switch does.
Also needed is the current rating, voltage, mounting type, and termination style. From that picture you submitted it looks to be pcb mounted through hole type. Size may be important too.

You can browse through all toggle options we have here in our toggle switches category to get an idea.

Click here for a more narrowed down link.

Switches for such an application would likely be a double pole, double throw (DPDT) type, using gold-plated contacts. This latter criteria isn’t called out specifically in the parametric tables, but can be recognized pretty easily by current ratings below about 500mA or so.

The reason for the plating selection is that gold is highly resistant to atmospheric corrosion, which can cause problems for small signals over time. It’s easily blown away by contact arcing however, resulting in a very limited switching capacity.

Finding a mechanically compatible replacement may be a trick, given the 47 or so different ways a swap candidate can not fit. Measure carefully…

Thanks a lot for your help it was really helpful

Here are the measures of the switch. Do you think you have anything similar? Thanks