Footswitch Looking for identification and recommandation for replacement

New on Techforum and absolutely not expert on electronic spare parts, I need Help to identify a Footswitch which is assembled in Vox Wah pedal effet for guitar probably produced during the middle of the 70’s.
The Brand is Marquardt ref. 0401 - 3003 - 2A 250v. Pic attached.
It is probably a SPDT switch. (Not so sure - but Vox specs for a 1967 model attached).
I need help to find a replacement part avaliable in Digikey stock.
Many thanks for your support.
Kind regards.

vox_v846_wah_1967_sch.pdf (101,4 Ko)

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. I’m not able to find an exact replacement for this switch but maybe you can use an option like these Limit Switches | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey as a possible replacement.

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Hello Steve,
Many thanks for your fast answer and suggestion.
Infortunately, mecanically this type of switch is not adaptable to the Wah Wah pedal effect.
As you probably saw on the pic, the switch I am looking for is a kind of button to press with the pedal to connect the circuit On or Off line.
Most part of the guitar effect pedal have such kind of switch with SPDT or DPDT connections.
This pedal is old and during the 60’s and 70´s, the effect signal was direct to the amplifier, without True by pass and without LED.
Any idea to find the pearl ???
Anyway, many thanks, once again for your help.
All the best Steve.

Hi @jfpontieux ,

Thank you for your inquiry. You may want to look at EG5491-ND, it is a 3PDT on/off switch with a 12.2mm panel cutout dimension and should function electrically how you need. Please review the datasheet and let us know if you have any questions.

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Hi Ryan,
Many thanks for your answer which seems totally helpfull.
I shortly look at the datasheet and I really think I can find the adapted switch with the correct specs.
I will be back if needed.
Many thanks once again for your help.
Have a nice week-end.
Kind regards.

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